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The Live Object Pattern – Coming to a SIG Near You

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In spite of this blog being dormant for over a year, things have been busier than ever over in Coherence land! We just released version 3.7.1 which is packed with new features. Some of the highlights:

  • REST support in the proxy. In addition to Java, C# and C++, now you can access the grid with any language that has a REST API.
  • POF enhancements, including annotations and the ability to eliminate Java key classes (for pure C# and C++ applications)
  • Query Explain Plan. If you’ve ever had a problem with a production application missing indexes (because you won’t notice it in development and you may not notice it during testing) you’ll be interested in this feature. It analyzes queries (filter based or CohQL) and indicates where indexes are used (and not used.)

We’ve been adding screencasts to the Coherence YouTube channel going over these features – in most cases the screencasts are delivered by the architect/developer responsible for the feature.

We also just wrapped up JavaOne and Oracle Open World a few weeks ago. I had the privilege of co-presenting the Live Object Pattern with Brian Oliver. The description and PDF can be downloaded from the JavaOne site.

If you didn’t get to see the talk, you’re in luck if you’re in New York or London. Noah Arliss, who worked with Brian on the Live Objects concept and the abstract of the JavaOne talk, will be presenting on this topic at the New York SIG on October 28th and the London SIG on November 4th.

All of the SIGs this fall (including the Bay Area SIG on November 3rd) will cover the new features in Coherence 3.7.1. Come out and join us!

Written by Patrick Peralta

October 20th, 2011 at 10:27 pm

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