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Java Posse Roundup (or so I’m told)

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Earlier today I was pinged by Mike Levin; he wanted to pass along the message to all of my fiercely loyal followers (yes, both of you) that he’s out in Crested Butte enjoying the mountains, skiing, and the up coming Java Posse Roundup…and that you’re probably not. Of course it isn’t intended to make you jealous, but it looks like this is a pretty cool conference (small size, interesting topics, etc.) I hope that I can go one of these days! I went to their JavaOne BOF last year and had a great time (unfortunately I had to leave early to catch my flight home.) For those of you that don’t know the Java Posse, it is a podcast that covers everything that you need to know in the Java world. And it has a cool jingle. So that I can make this post relevant to Coherence, episode 7 is an interview with our dear leader.

Written by Patrick Peralta

February 24th, 2009 at 11:13 pm