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Ode to the 350

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O’ 350, highlight of my day
how you bring me unspeakable pain
you arrive early when I’m on time
right on time to watch you pass by
when I’m early you’re 10 minutes late
relying on you is such a cruel fate

you make the hot days hotter
and the cold days colder
this is a burden
that is too much to shoulder

some of your drivers
are certifiably insane
making NY cab drivers blush
when they see your road rage

you make me navigate through
six foot snow banks
then break down on the way
as I watch my day tank

during rush hour
you might pass by twice
while eight 77‘s
clog Mass Ave, how nice

so why do I bother
why do I try
when efforts so futile
make a grown man cry

the answer is simple
simple as can be
you’re a cheap way to get around
$1.25 is quite a low fee

so thus I am destined
to rely on mbta
to get me to work
sometime today

now I don’t mean to cuss
or complain and fuss
but can someone please tell me
where the fuck’s my fucking bus?

Edit: Maria suggested I link the last line to the video that inspired it.

Written by Patrick Peralta

February 5th, 2009 at 11:02 am

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